RB100 Metal Scroller

The RB100 Metal Scroller is an amazing machine that is a 240v bench top wrought iron fabricating machine.

The RB100 Metal Scroller comes complete with manuals, a full set of quick change tools and 12 months RTB limited warranty. Comes with auto stop controls for repeated accurate bends, is fully CE compliant & U.K made

The RB100 Metal Scroller is designed and built in the UK by Obelisque Design a wrought Iron company with 20 years experience, other models are also available including fully digital versions and stand alone 3 phase versions.

What’s included –

  • RB100 Metal Scroller with autostop function
  • 1 x Blank Chuck Plate
  • 1 x Simple Bender
  • 1 x Cam Chuck Plate + 1 x Round Former
  • 1 x Support Roller
  • Hex Keys

RB100 Metal Scroller price £2995 plus delivery & VAT

RB100 Metal Scroller

Click Here to See the RB100 in action

A Basic tooling Package is available for £500.00, if purchased at the same time as the RB100

A basic tooling package can also be purchased separately this makes S & C scrolls, circles, ovals, squares, diamonds, wavy bars, hoop top railings, shepherds crooks, hand rail bends, 90° bends and twists in flat, round and square steel bar.

Basic Tooling Package Includes the following:

  • Scroll former:
    Produces scrolls up to 210mm ø in 25 x 8, 30 x 8, flat bar & 12mm Sq and round bar .
  • Simple bender:
    Can produce bends, squares, diamonds and wavy bars in 30 x 8 flat bar & 12mm Sq and round bar cold formed. (larger bar sizes if pre heated)
  • Hoop top railings:
    Produces a 100mm gap between bars in 10, 12 & 16mm  Sq and round bars.
  • Circle maker:
    Makes 100mm o/d circles & ovals in 12mm Sq and Round bar. (formers available to make other sizes and for different diameters of metal)
  • Bar twister:
    Makes twists up to 300mm in any length of bar up to 12mm sq and 16 x 6 flat.(Professional adjustable length bar twister for 1000mm twists and up to 25 x 6 flat bar also available at extra cost)

Technical specifications

  • Model: Rotabend RB 100 Metal Scroller
  • Dimensions: 485mm W x 460mm L x 325mm H
  • Power Supply: 240v standard 3pin uk plug
  • Weight: 50Kg (excluding tooling)
  • Bending speed: 10rpm
  • Chuck: 50mm Steel with 27mm A/F Hex Socket

Machine Bending Capacities in mild steel with a 45kg /mm² tensile strength @ room temp (tooling dependent)

tablePrices and specifIcations are subject to change without prior notification

Accessories prices ex V.A.T

  • Stand:
    Pedestal stand for RB100 – £115.00
  • Bench Stand:
    Stores tooling.  Used for attaching specialist tooling – £225.00
  • Budget Foot Controller:
    Enables reverse & Forward of machine by footswitch – £98.00
  • Industrial Foot Controller:
    Enables reverse & Forward of machine by footswitch – £185.00
  • Remote Plug in Pendent:
    Enables reverse & Forward of machine – £75.00
  • Counter Module:
    Automatically counts parts made – £48.00

Extra Tooling prices ex V.A.T

  • Large scroll:
    Makes 300mm scrolls – £75.00.
  • Ring roller:
    Makes infinite size circles and bow top bars in up to 40×10 on flat & 16mm sq and round bar – £450.00
  • Advanced Bar twister:
    Will put twists in metal bars up to 14mm sq and 25×6 flat, variable length twists from 100mm to 1000mm long – £295.00
  • Advanced Ring maker:
    Makes up to 20 rings of 100mm o/d in most metal sizes. Formers included for 3-4mm, 5-6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm & 16mm thick steel – £225.00
  • Advanced hoop top maker:
    Makes hoop top railings in 12 and 16mm round bar in three sizes. 100mm gap, 212/216mm gap and 324/348mm gap – £175.00
  • Micro scroll and wire former:
    Makes small scrolls and bends in up to 5mm diameter wire for decorative wire work and jewellery making – £65.00

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