TH-4 Acrylic Strip Heater


Discontinued Please see the PH1250 Strip Heater as an alternative!

The TH-4 acrylic strip heater is A perfect system for point of sale, displays, machine guards, builder’s cladding and educational use.

Now featuring a dual output power supply capable of supplying power to 2 heater beams (see TH-8 1250mm). This enables a top heater beam to be added giving a bending capacity of up to 12mm. Alternatively a second bottom heating beam can be added to bend 2 x parallel bends in thermoplastic up to 6mm.

th-4-acrylic strip heater
From £750 including delivery & VAT*
Capable of heating 6mm thick sheets up to 1250mm wide (or up to 12mm with top heater)

Safe low voltage heating element,
Backstop for repeated bends.
Aluminium slotted track system.
Removeable sheet hold down clamp and heat protector.
Separate power supply with over voltage/current and short circuit protection.
Standard 3pin 240v operation.
CE, RoHS, EMI certified.
UK made.
Simple one button operation
Essential kit if you have a laser cutter and work with acrylics!

TH-4 power supply

1500mm W x 600mm D (800mm with sheet support rail) x 160mm H