Micro Shaper MP 400

micro shaper

This Micro Shaper is design specifically for chamfering, cutting groves, slots, recesses and other profiles. Therefore making it ideal for crafting plastics and enabling the manufacture of edges and longitudinal cuts.

The table is made from Aluminium with a hand adjustable milling cutter height and longitudinal angle stop as well as cutter guard.

Furthermore this machine has a powerful dust-protected motor and toothed belt drive. Featuring a vacuum cleaner adapter which fits standard household vacuum cleaners therefore negating the need for specialist dust extraction equipment.


3 Tungsten carbide router cutters (slot cutter 3.2mm, V-slot cutter and core box bit)

Tool holder with triple slit precision collets (2.4 -3 and 3.2mm).

Technical Data:

230V.  100W. 50/60Hz. 25.000/min.

Height adjustment with scale ring adjustable to 0 (1 revolution = 1, 1 graduation = 0.05mm).

Milling table 300 x 150 mm.

Weight 2Kg

Micro Shaper MP 400